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JUAN DE CASTELLANOS UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION, as a University Institution of Higher Education, proposes to advance academic training programs in occupations, professions, disciplines and postgraduate studies. It adopts as fields of action: Science, Theology, Technique, Technology, Humanities, Arts and Philosophy, in which it will develop programs according to its Institutional Development Plan.

In accordance with its university nature, the Institution develops its university academic training programs by cycles and advanced training in specialization and/or masters and doctorates, once it receives the recognition and necessary accreditation to offer them, following the fulfillment of the legal requirements.

The academic training programs for university professions are organized through a curriculum integrated by cycles, so that at the end of the first cycle the students are prepared for the exercise of a technological activity; In addition, curricular programming should allow the concatenation of cycles and the transfer of students between institutions, programs or types of academic training.

“Juan de Castellanos University Foundation is committed to scientific research and the pedagogical transmission of knowledge in the search for truth; it is committed to the integral formation of human beings, in accordance with Christian ideals expressed in the following values: life and love, faith and hope, truth and beauty, responsibility and freedom, justice and work; employs pedagogical methodologies appropriate to the beneficiaries of their extension programs, technical, technological, professional and postgraduate training, so that, by the "Civilization of love", all its members participate in Catholic pastoral and research in basic, applied, social sciences and human at the service of the community good.”

Agreement of the Superior Council 272 (November 08, 2010)

"Juan de Castellanos University Foundation in the year 2019 will be consolidated as an Institution of academic and research excellence, leadership and quality for the wide coverage of its programs, providing solutions to the region and the country, with accredited programs of High Quality and advanced studies in Masters. It will open the possibility of national and international exchange programs, in order to stimulate the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit based on student initiatives. It will detect the potential for the creation of technology-based companies that will allow the growth and consolidation of competitive proposals that contribute to the growth and socio-economic development of the Region and Country."

Agreement of the Superior Council 312 (December 06, 2011)

Quality politics


The Juan de Castellanos University Foundation, is located in the city of Tunja (Boyacá State), in Colombia, and has other venues across the country, throught the fulfillment of all the legal provisions related.

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